The official website of Poet Rapper Hondred Percent. Keep it One Hondred and lookout for his latest project, LↃgↃligi Locomotion. A poetry anthology about Ghana, life, Christianity, love and women. Also check out his album WTF? and be updated with his events and news.

Lɔgɔligi Locomotion

LↃgↃligi Locomotion, is a collection of 100 poems on Ghana, love, Christianity, life and women. It is the artist’s first book and showcases poetry from the beginning of his journey as a spoken word artist till date.


Hondred Percent’s debut album WTF? is a Ghanaian HipHop narrative that is a reflection of the current setting in the capital of Ghana. Its a thought provoking album laced with humor, word play and Ghanaian imagery. If you are wondering what WTF? listen to the album and find out

Mic Check


MiCheck is an arts organization spearheaded by the art of poetry. Its aim is to improve the poetry community in Ghana through providing logistics, holding workshops, having discussions, and conducting reviews.


Interviews & Discussions

MiCheck contributes to the poetry community by conducting interviews with poets and stakeholders. Discussions are also held on topics to expand the knowledge and creative scope of artists.

MiCheck is interested in videos and audio released by poets and related creatives.

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MiCheck reviews published work for artists. We are interested in audio, video and text content. Use our reviews to give insight into available media to guide your creative consumption. Contact us as well if you want us to review your work. To see our work, click here


Workshops are a learning opportunity to reshape one’s perspectives on their art. From creative courses to digital marketing, technology, business and marketing, Micheck is connected to artists who are interested in giving back and want to help others. To see what workshops we have lined up, click here