The official website of Poet Rapper Hondred Percent. Keep it One Hondred and look out for his latest project, The Lorgorligi Locomotion EP.


Hondred Percent begins the year with a concert to celebrate his EP, The Lorgorligi Locomotion EP. The artist is set to thrill audiences on Saturday 28th January,2023 at 4:30 PM at THEIA Coffee House, Airport, Accra.

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The Lorgorligi Locomotion EP

Hondred Percent turns poetry into music with his latest project, The Lorgorligi Locomotion EP. The project is based on his debut poetry book, ‘Lorgorligi Locomotion’ which he published in 2021. The project also showcases the Poet Rapper as a producer and captures the creative process which sees him exploring different sounds to complement the poetry and rap within

Lorgorligi Locomotion

Lorgorligi Locomotion, is a collection of 100 poems on Ghana, love, Christianity, life and women. It is the artist’s first book and showcases poetry from the beginning of his journey as a spoken word artist till date.


Hondred Percent’s debut album WTF? is a Ghanaian HipHop narrative that is a reflection of the current setting in the capital of Ghana. Its a thought provoking album laced with humor, word play and Ghanaian imagery. If you are wondering what WTF? listen to the album and find out