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Hondred Percent aka Paul Forjoe jnr is a rising spoken word artist in Accra and he’s made quite a name for himself as a prolific wordsmith within Ghana.
His work is inspired by HipHop music and pidgin narratives and perspectives of Ghanaian politics. 100% went from struggling to express himself as an artist to owning a distinctive style and performance routine.  Click for more….

Why Hondred Percent?

It all started in December 2010, when I was on my flight back to Ghana from South Africa.
For the past five years I was in University in South Africa. It was here that I developed myself as a Spoken Word Artist and Rapper.
I had proven to myself that I could hold my own as an artist, however, I needed a stage name to pursue my dream as an artist. Click for more….


MiCheck was founded in the year 2015 by Hondred Percent, Daniel Kojo Appiah (O’Zionn) and Adrian Amaning. It is an arts organization spearheaded by the art of poetry. It’s aim is to improve the poetry community in Ghana through providing logistics, holding workshops, having discussions and conducting reviews. It’s currently working on fully establishing a national association for poets in Ghana.


WTF Album

Hondred Percent’s debut album is a Ghanaian HipHop narrative that is a reflection of the current setting in the capital of Ghana. Its a thought provoking album laced with humor, word play and Ghanaian imagery. If you are wondering what WTF? listen to the album and find out.


Africa Sent Me A WhatsApp Message – Word N Sound Performance

Poet Rapper – GIF Video

BNS – Word N Sound Poetry League – Video

Africa Sent Me A WhatsApp Message – Video

Phreak Out Live Performance – Africa Sent Me A WhatsApp Message, Alliance Francais, Accra

Poet Rapper – performed live on Y-Lounge

Y-Lounge Interview with Akosua Hanson (Yfm 107.9)

Ronning – Official Video

Hondred Percent Live at Alliance Française de Nairobi

Ronning Remix feat. The Musical Lunatics


Nyansa Poetry Launch

Phreak Out Live